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The Wannabe Naturalist Magazine Edition 2021-1

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The Wannabe Naturalist Magazine Edition 2021-1

The Wannabe Naturalist Magazine Edition 2021-1

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Welcome to the first issue of The Wannabe Naturalist magazine (Edition 2021-1), exploring the relationship between photography and storytelling, and nature, the environment, and life.

In this Edition:

Magazine Edition 21-1 Cover Spread
  • Sea Level Rise — Top-10 First Step Recommendations for Starting the Conversation
  • Summer of 2020: Walks at Lafreniere Park
  • Landscape Photography
  • Tips for posting eye-catching images on Instagram
  • Gardeners Know the Dirt — A closer look at camellias, daffodils, and cosmos
  • Nature: Black-Bellied Whistling Duck
  • What to Read: The Falcon Thief

Hello and Welcome!

I launched my photography side-hustle in 2019. Initially, it was just friends and family that supported me, but it slowly grew to include a much wider audience. This was when I realized that I’m a wannabe naturalist. Read more about what a wannabe naturalist is here.

Late 2020, the web platform I employ for my photography added printed products, in addition to the framed, canvas, and metal prints, to display my fine art photography. Puzzles, mugs, phone cases, throw pillows, etc. At first, I wasn’t all that excited—it felt like it cheapened my art. However, always willing to test new ideas, I added the products.

A few months later I got a message on Instagram from a young lady in Europe who recently lost her beloved little dog. She was heartbroken. To deal with her grief, she took long walks by the beach and was regularly followed by an inquisitive seagull. She became convinced it was a sign from her beloved companion, watching over her. She found an image of mine on Instagram of a soaring seagull taken in Holland and bought a long-sleeve t-shirt with the gull image. Photograph taken by Eugene Brill.

Soaring Gull in the Dutch Countryside Edition 2021-1 Inside Cover
Soaring Gull in the Dutch Countryside

Words cannot describe how happy that made me! During that pre-covid three-week trip, I took over 200 images a day. Together with the thousands of other images I have taken, to have just one image make someone’s life a little better makes it all worthwhile.

If my photography can touch just one person’s life, my mission is accomplished. Thank you for reading of The Wannabe Naturalist Magazine Edition 2021-1.

Eugene Brill,
Publisher of The Wannabe Naturalist Magazine

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Anole FAQs

Hours of research went into writing about anoles. For more than three years I followed the life-cycle of our backyard lodgers. This article covers FAQs from the book The Lovable Little Garden Lizards by Eugene L Brill, photographer, and author.

What is a Wannabe Naturalist?

A wannabe naturalist is someone that aspires to be an amateur naturalist. From birdwatchers to gardeners, they care about the natural world and want to preserve it. Someone that cares about nature so much that they want to study and preserve it.

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