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The Lafreniere Park Photo Book

Fine Art Photography Book of Lafreniere Park in New Orleans, LA

The Lafreniere Park Photo Book Cover
The Lafreniere Park Photo Book Cover

Fine Art Photography Coffee Table Book Features Lafreniere Park

NEW ORLEANS, LA., Oct. 22, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Lafreniere Park Photo Book. The summer of 2020 will have varied meanings for people around the world. For Eugene L. Brill, a nature photojournalist and nonfiction author, it meant inspirational walks around New Orleans’ Lafreniere Park. In his newly-released coffee table book, “Summer of 2020: Walks at Lafreniere Park,” Brill shares the history and photography of this natural oasis which includes a staggering number of bird species.

The book includes a brief history of New Orleans (including the history of the first settlers, Native Americans, Pirates on the Mississippi, the Flood of 1927, Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone). It also highlights the park’s rich history and shares images of its many birds and other wildlife. The author tells the story of Attorney General Lafreniere, explains the park’s initial concept in 1975 and documents what it’s like today through its more than 50 plus wildlife photos.

“The bird life in Lafreniere Park is unsuspectingly spectacular,” Brill says. “Usually when there’s a ‘Bird Sanctuary’ sign you may expect to see a few birds. However, the pure multitude of birds in this park is mind-boggling. They live and thrive in perfect harmony with their human neighbors. My desire is to give people a sense, through my photographs, of what it’s like to spend time among the birds of Lafreniere Park.”

Eugene L. Brill aka The Wannabe Naturalist ™

The foreword is written by Andrew Ward, Ph.D., chairman and co-founder HIV Awareness “iKnow” Music Project—East Africa.

“There’s an intimacy to Brill’s work; one has the sense of peeking into someone else’s private family photo album,” Ward says.

Andrew Ward, Ph.D.

Brill shares that he hopes his passion for photography, the environment, nature and wildlife are evident throughout the book.

“Feeding my curiosity for history and my interest in photography, I further developed my love of the natural world that has since become the primary focus of my life. My goal is to use photography to bring history to life,” Brill says.

Eugene L. Brill aka The Wannabe Naturalist ™

“Summer of 2020: Walks at Lafreniere Park” is available for purchase

Sunset over Lafreniere Park in New Orleans, Louisiana
Sunset over Lafreniere Park
Black-crowned Night-Heron at Lafreniere Park in New Orleans, Louisiana
Black-crowned Night-Heron
Beach Spider Lilies at Lafreniere Park, New Orleans, Louisiana
Beach Spider Lilies

About the author Eugene L Brill

Eugene Brill is the publisher of The Wannabe Naturalist Magazine. Magazine articles must have a conservation theme and involve botanical gardens, arboretums, public and private gardens, zoos, wildlife refuges, environmental projects, nonprofits, fundraising endeavors, etc. are encouraged to reach out. Several photography collections, including framed prints on canvas, metal and acrylic, in addition to 12-month calendars featuring several photography sets from around the world, can be found here: Eugene L Brill Fine Art Photography

In his other coffee table book, “Lovable Little Garden Lizards Photo Book,” Brill stakes a closer look the anole lizard, green and brown. The book covers their habitats, features, courtship, feeding habits and much more. Both books are available at:

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Eugene L. Brill
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The Lafreniere Park Photo Book also available from:

  • Amazon: Hard Cover with Full-color Dust Jacket — ISBN: 978-1715663896
  • Independent Book Sellers: Hard Cover with Full-color Dust Jacket — ISBN: 978-1715616809
  • Soft Cover with flexible, high-gloss laminated cover — ISBN: 978-1715629731
  • Instant PDF version — Viewable on any device
  • eBook — Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, and Apple iOS devices

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Lafreniere Park Photo Book Contents

  • Introduction and Foreword
  • Summer 2020 Pandemic
  • Brief History of New Orleans
  • Native Americans in Louisiana
  • Pirates on the Mississippi river
  • The Flood of 1927
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico
  • The History of Lafreniere Park in New Orleans
  • The Park Concept Developed in 1975
  • Lafreniere Park Today

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