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Nature Magazine: Through The Lens of a Photographer

Mission Statement

The Wannabe Naturalist offers education, a free magazine subscription with exceptional landscape, wildlife and nature photography and relevant products for anyone that aspires to be an amateur naturalist to enhance their experience and interactions with nature.

This digital and print photography magazine has a unique focus: the relationship between nature, photography, story-telling, and life. Each issue covers issues and images that matter to anyone that cares about nature, animals and plants. For instance, follow the anole FAQ articles covering the lovable little garden lizards. Through distinct images, conservation photography furthers awareness and action surrounding conservation of the environment, wildlife, habitats, and cultures. The Wannabe Naturalist Magazine was founded in 2019 by fine art photographer and wannabe naturalist Eugene L Brill.

What is a Wannabe Naturalist?

A wannabe naturalist is someone that aspires to be an amateur naturalist. From birdwatchers to gardeners, they care about the natural world and want to preserve it.

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What is a Naturalist?

A naturalist is a person who studies nature through the direct observation of animals and plants.